Send tab doesn't exist on instrument tracks

Ok, I want to send MIDI data recorded from external keyboard to several other tracks with VST instrumentments. when I RTFM I get
which clearly shows a non-existent in 10.0 and 10.5 Pro tab to send your MIDI data to other tracks.

so how do I send MIDI data to other tracks ? why is it do hard that even after RTFM the manual is wrong, the app is wrong, or both or there is some super secret way to do it I hope some one will share here.

also FWIW the stability of 10.5 has been really poor. constant beachballs now on machine where 10.0.5 was stable.


Cubase is pretty feature rich, which means there are often more graphic elements, controls, tabs etc. than can be physically displayed at one time. You might have noticed that scattered all over different sections of Cubase are little “gear” icons. These let you customize what gets displayed or hidden. Whenever something seems missing this is a good first place to look.

So select a MIDI Track, find the gear icon in its inspector on the lower right. Click that and set it to show your MIDI Sends Tab.

FYI this info is included in RTFM :wink:

thanks but I did that. there is NO MIDI Send in the gear icon to add to the list. none, nor is it option to add in Set Up either. I really do mean it does not exist in 10.0 and 10.5 mac because I’ve looked multiple times across app restarts, etc in every concievable place. If I could attach screen showing show its no where to be found, I would.

You sure you’re not trying to find Sends on an Instrument track? I ask because those have no midi sends.

Hummm, not Mac savvy myself. But this is working as expected on Win10 for both C10 & C10.5.

May I suggest that you edit your first post & change the subject line to indicate this is on a Mac. That should draw some Mac aware eyeballs.

That said, looking at your pic - it is a bit difficult to tell because the config menu is covering almost all of the Track’s controls - but it looks like maybe you’ve selected an Instrument not MIDI Track. Only MIDI Tracks have MIDI Sends, not Instrument Tracks. I know it doesn’t make sense to exclude them & there have been requests to have them added to Instrument Tracks. But so far, only MIDI.

Darn* you Steve and your terse replies while I type on and on.

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Hi Raino

not sure this is mac specific. so here are screen shots of the 2 tracks I have. one with recording of extern MIDI from keyboard and another instrument track with Jup8 in it. for the moment I just duped the MIDI data from one track to the other but not idea. messing around I did New Track->MIDI and got a different track that does have MIDI Send. is it possible I created an instrument track and recorded my MIDI to that ? if this is the case this is just beyond stupid in bad design and should qualify as bug because intended / expected behavior is not correct, you should be able to send out MIDI data from any track that has MIDI data in it, or the VST can send it… and THANK YOU ! for getting me pointed in the right direction.

Those are indeed instrument tracks, not midi tracks.

Yup, Instrument Tracks have a section of a keyboard as an icon while the MIDI Track’s icon looks like an old fashioned MIDI socket.
inst v midi channel.jpg