Send to a print shop and crop marks

Here and on Facebook I happen to admire beautiful prints of scores and I always forget to ask which service they use.
For small number prints do you know it there is a digital print shop like “” for scores, or perhaps it is best to use a local typography?
And since I am at it, I cannot display “Crop marks” when exporting to pdf. I thick the box and nothing happens.

As long as you’re exporting a “Normal” job type, PDF export is always at the page size specified in Layout Options. That means that regardless of the page size that’s set in Print mode, the crop marks would always be just outside the area that’s exported.


I thought so but I get no crops even when selecting a different job type. With 2-up I see a crop mark on video at the very edge.
In my experience with DTP software, such as InDesign, I can set the bleed amount, which is the extra margin to be trimmed, and the crop marks live in that extra margin.
I think I don’t understand well the logic of these crop marks, probably because I would expect a different kind of output, as from InDesign with spreads, bleed and crop marks.
Anyway maybe all this is unimportant since there is no need to trim images, but I have read that some print shops require crop marks to adjust for the folding.