Send to padshop


I saw a video on the steinberg site with a guy called Andrew.
He is demonstrating the new sampler track, and tells that you can send the sample to other instruments like groove agent.
I noticed there is an option to send the sample to padshop pro.
That option seems to be missing in my OS X version.

Have reinstalled padshop pro, updated also.

Does anyone have this option on mac or windows or know how to enable this option?

I’m also missing the “send to Padshop” from the sample track. I’m on Windows and I’ve got the Padshop Pro.

Same here.

HA! You got us there. The export to Padshop was included in the beta version that was used in the video. Unfortunately it didn’t work as expected and we had to remove it from the initial release. But we are still working on it and the export to Padshop will come in a future update.

Would also like a sidechain input on Padshop Pro so that I can use that lovely reverb please! :smiley:

Thanks for clearing this up Matthias!

Will this feature work with regular Padshop too, or only with the Pro verion?

The nonpro can’ t load own his samples only the pro.

I know it can’t, however Steinberg has got power over the code, so they could do magic, If they wanted to. :wink: