Send tracks to lanes for comping?

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I have a client sent me multiple tracks, each a vocal take, since the recording was done in Logic.

I need to be able to comp these takes so was wondering if it’s possible to put these tracks into lanes to comp?

As I’m writing I’ve thought of a workaround, simply dump all the audio regions on the same track and it will behave as lanes?


As I recall you can do like this:
a) drop one version onto audio track
b) create new track version and drop next
c) repeat a-b until done
d) convert versions to lanes - Creating Lanes from TrackVersions

You can also

Dump all the audio to one track.
Then drag the tracks to lanes.

makes sense! thanks

thank you. I just don’t understand ‘drag tracks to lanes’, I will try when I’m back in the studio.

When you click to show lanes. All the tracks will be on one lane. So you need to drag them over to the other lanes, just as if you would drag the tracks over to new tracks. You see what I mean when you try it.

1 Place the multiple take on a track
2 Activate lanes on the track
3 The continuous track appears on Lane 1 and there’s an empty Lane 2 beneath it
4 Cut the continuous track into regions, by eye, so each take is on a region.
5 Leave first take as it is.
6 Drag the second take’s LANE (not the track) onto the empty lane 2 directly under first.
7 A new empty lane 3 will be created below.
8 Drag the next available LANE (3) to the empty lane 3
9 A new empty lane 4 will be created.
10 Carry on until all takes are on lanes.
11 You may need to adjust start points using wave forms and ears as guide.
12 You can comp as usual with any lanes.

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Thanks for taking the time to write this

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It’s long overdue for this question to be updated with a MUCH easier solution, listed in the manual…

  1. Select the audio track
  2. Right-click on the audio track
  3. Select ‘Clean up lanes’.


It’s not labeled well to quickly identify that as the function. ‘Regions to single lane’, ‘Merge/Stack regions to lane’… something like this would make more sense, IMO.

Assembling a Perfect Take.

Also, if you have multiple audio regions spanned out over multiple tracks…

  1. You can highlight all the regions you want to put on a single track
  2. Right-click on the regions and select ‘Find selected in pool’
  3. Drag the already-highlighted regions down to the bottom of the arrange window below the last track, which will prompt ‘Insert objects on one track or insert each on different track?’ It will place all the regions consecutively on ONE track, so make sure that the origin time is correct BEFORE you execute this command. You can Update Origin from the Audio menu OR you can bounce all the regions where they’re currently at, which will generate a new timecode origin.
  4. Select all the regions and right-click to select ‘Move to origin’
  5. Open lanes.
  6. Right-click on the Audio track and select ‘Clean Up Lanes.’