Sending a Two-Pop to every group channel

Hey all,

My workflow is fairly simple. Midi VSTi+audio loops->group tracks->Stereo Out.

My 2pop is a small audio clip of 1frame of 1khz wav.

When I bounce to stereo all is fine, but when I want to split out the groups in the bounce I haven’t found a way to send the 2 pop to every group simultaneously, especially since I have more than 8 groups.

I can “direct route” to any individual group using the direct routing dropdown in the inspector, but that seems to only allow me to route it to a max of 8 groups…is there a way to route the audio of that one audio track to EVERY group so that when I do my splits the two-pop is there?


You can cascade Group Channels to create more Direct Routing ‘sends’. Take one of your current Direct Routing’s Outs and route it to a new Group Channel that has no other audio routed to it. Now you can use this new Channel’s 8 Direct routing as additional ‘sends’ for a total of 15 destinations (the original 8 minus 1, plus the new 8). Repeat to get to 22 destinations (8-2)+8+8, etc.