Sending Program Changes from Dorico Vienna Ensemble Pro

Hi guys, I’m putting together a template in VE Pro 6. I thought I had it all set up correctly with Dorico, but I see that the program changes from my expression maps are not making their way to Vienna Ensemble Pro —only the MIDI itself.

Has anybody experienced this before? I’d really like to avoid using key switches because I won’t be able to load all the necessary articulations into a single instance of Kontakt.


I seem to have sorted it out myself. I’ll leave this thread in case anybody in the future runs across it.

The solution is that VST3 does not support program changes. Luckily VE Pro can be run as a VST2 plugin —which does support program changes— by whitelisting “Vienna Ensemble Pro x64” in the Dorico preferences and restarting Dorico. Then you need to make sure you connect to the VST2 version of VE Pro in your instrument rack. Program changes should work from there.

I’m pretty sure VST3 does indeed support program changes because I have Dorico trigger them in the VST3 Kontakt without any problem (and I think VEPro 7 too, although it’s been a while since I used that).

No, it doesn’t. Program change isn’t part of the VST3 spec.

This guy is a developer who works at Steinberg and said back in 2019 that VST 3 does indeed support Program Change messages.

That’s also what I am seeing every single day when Dorico triggers articulations via program change messages to Kontakt.

Actually it is VEPro which does not currently support VST3. I keep running into problems with this.

exactly. VEpro 8 (or possibly even a VEP7 update?) will supposedly be vst3

On the VSL forum someone from the team stated, that they are working on a VST 3 version of VEPro, but in the last months - similar to Steinberg - they were busy changing away from the eLicencser.

VE Pro IS VST3, it just doesn’t host VST3 plugins

  1. VST3 spec supports program change messages. See the link above.

  2. VEPro 7 Plug-in is VST3

  1. VEPro implemented support for Program Change messages since version 7

Perhaps the solution mark in this thread should be reviewed.

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That’s right. Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough in my answer.

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Yes, what’s confusing is that Synchron Player, Synchron piano etc. are, in other contexts, VSTs in their own right, and as such are VST3.

Forgot to add one last bit:

  • VEPro 7 does indeed host VST3 Plugins. I just opened an older project that uses Kontakt in VST3 format and responds to Program Change messages from Dorico:

Which version of Kontakt is that? I’m pretty sure that must be a VST2 version of Kontakt because I recently upgraded to Kontakt 7 (which is VST3 only) and it does not work in VEPro 7 except with this wrapper: Metaplugin - DDMF Supreme Audio Software

It’s Kontakt 6.7.1 - and yes, you and wcreed are both correct, VEPro Standalone and Server are both picking the VST2 version here (as I have both installed).

FWIW got an email from VSL indicating VEP gets an upgrade in December for VST3 plugins.


that’s what I was also thinking of and meant!

I’ll uncheck my fix as the “solution” since maybe I got the explanation wrong. However, the steps I listed did fix the issue for me. This thread from VSL’s forums describes another user who had the same issue. It would appear whitelisting the VST2 version of VE Pro in Dorico is the fix.

Surprised that you’d get something that concrete, but welcome news if it’s true.

Copying part of it here:

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