Sending Program Changes in a MIDI track at different points

I am evaluating Cubase Elements 8 to purchase it. One thing I need to do is described below. I am using Cubase to control my arranger keybord so that I can accurately send some code progression to keyboard for synth.

Need to have 1 midi out track which sends code progression to my keyboard using Channel 1 - which is fine, I worked it out.

Need to have seperate track on channel 2 (Or events on the above same track, but using channel 2) to send program change (CC#) midi messages at different points of the song. For example

At the beginning of the song program change (CC 83)
After 1 bar program change (CC 85)
After 4 bars program change (CC 89)
After 8 bars program change (CC 90) etc.

The whole purpose of above midi messages is to select different style elements.

I believe I can add a control lane, similar to velocity for program change. If that is the way to do it, how can I set different values at different bars? Is there another way?

I am new to Cubase, so if someone can pls point me how to do this it is much appreciated.

Thanks guys


In the KeyEditor, you can click the + button to Add a ne Controller line. Then you can select the Program Change parameter. Use Pencil tool to Add a new event (Program Change). In the Info Line, you can then set the exact position and exact Value (I expect, you mean Value, by the “CC”).

You can also do this in the List Editor, which is maybe more comfortable.

Btw, if you want to use the same MIDI track for the Channel 1 and Channel 2 data, set the MIDI CHannel to Any in the Inspector. In this case you can send messages on multiple MIDI Channels from the track. The Channel of the event itself is taken in account.

Thanks heaps, Martin, I’ll give it a try.

It is all good. Everything works as expected. Purchased it.