Sending two simultaneous CC32 commands in an ExMap?

Can an expression map send two different CC32 commands, like so?

It’s not working for me so far. I successfully created a custom pt that is working with only one CC32 command, but not two (as above).

Users of Spitfire Symphonic Library (set to UACC mode) will recognize these two articulations as Long note and Short note. There are a lot of situations where having them both play simultaneously is desired. And it is possible to have two articulations play simultaneously within the instrument on a single midi channel.

Checked it with Bidule and Dorico IS sending both CCs on the same clock tick. It’s sending them in the order I put them in expression map.


OK, thanks. I tried creating an instrument with both Long and Short articulations assigned to the same unique CC32 command. (That way I only needed one command in Dorico’s ExMap). That also did not work so it seems the problem is actually within Spitfire(Kontakt) Instrument. Even though you can play both artic’s by shift-clicking them it doesn’t seem they can both be selected via midi CC.

I solved this by moving the second articulation switch to CC33. I never realized you could change that in Kontakt. All good.