Sends - Improvements

It would be great to see the following improvements, that would increase the convenience/practicality of the Sends in Cubase:

1) Panning of the Sends could be in a more convenient/accessible position in the MixConsole/Project window.
Currently it takes quite a few steps to get to the panning of the Sends:
Edit Channel Settings panel ==> Sends tab ==> Panning sub-tab ==> Panning slider

It would be significantly more convenient, if panning could be implemented right in the MixConsole/Project window in a similar way that the Cue Sends panning is implemented (panning slider below the level slider):

2) Ability to copy the Channel Fader’s level/panning to the Send’s level/panning (preferably using the right click sub-menu, when clicked on a Send).

3) Drag and drop functionality for copying a Send from one channel to another.

4) Pre-inserts Send option in addition to the already existing pre-/post-fader Send options.

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Agreed! Also, VERY important: Have the sends labeled in the automation lanes exactly as they are custom-named in the mixer/project window, not just “Send 1”, “Send 2”, etc. – this is a gigantic error that has existed for many years. I can’t understand why it hasn’t been fixed.

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Panning got moved to a separate tab around Cubase 5 And it’s SUCKED ever since.


I totally get how you feel - I am using Cubase only since version 8 and it is little things like this, that make me want to switch to another DAW already.
I don’t mean to criticize Steinberg on their Cubase GUI design choices (software design of this caliber is not an easy gig after all), but, by playing around with other DAWs during the past year, I realized, that unfortunately the ease of use of basic/essential actions and functionalities has not really been a big priority for Cubase development team.

Or maybe they are just stuck with huge piles of hard to change legacy code… Dunno.

Anyway, I hope Sends will get improved some time soon.

Been requesting this for years. And if, for whatever reasons it breaks the tab concept, let us at least see sends’ names again on the pan tab!

This also drives me nuts!



+1 to the showing the pan under the send. Alternately you could have a modifier key like ALT to show (reveal) the pan when mousing over the send bar (fader).

Talk about subtle things, we shouldn’t have to search through potentially hidden ‘racks’ in the mixconsole to figure out if if a channel’s polarity button is engaged!

^^^This! So much this.

Can I squeeze in here, amongst this excellent thread… another request for consistency of name labelling.! See how Cue Send names in the Control Room are NOT carried over into the Edit Channel Settings window; still just a boring 1, 2, 3, 4

Although the pic is from C9, its still the case today. Cue Send names are carried over into the MixConsole, so there is that… :wink:

These are both very good points. It would be great to see them patched up.



  1. Send a filtered signal. Just an idea, add a double sided slider like the dual panner that act as a highpass and lowpass, use them both to send only a bandpassed signal. When they pass each other and invert (like inverted stereo with the dual panner) they function as a notch.

plus one




And maybe make the pre/post icon a bit more obvious. I always wonder if I clicked Pre Fader or not…