Sends keep sending audio even when off - automation glitch

I used automation to turn sends on and off to a delay FX and it worked at first but it somehow glitched and now I have the send set to “off,” it’s even grayed out on the track inspector, and it’s still sending the audio to the FX. I can’t get it to stop. It’s as if it’s not reading the lane yet it clearly is reading the lane as I see the send lighting up and then going gray like it should but it’s not actually doing the action. I can’t work on my track anymore because of this. It’s happened in other projects as well so I know that it’s a glitch that this new version has.


If the delay was really long, the engine can still keep the FX in the buffer and play it back. Close and reopen the project or restart Cubase, please.


All the 2 states On/Off in the mixer is always a bit glitchy, there’s bugs left. You can use the send level automation to On/Off instead.
For existing project try writing On/Off at the top of the project, it often cures such problem.