Sends /Routing Help ~ SOLVED ~ See Last Post

I’ve had some insightful replies - a link to a great tutorial…but still no success
I am sending a signal from an audio channel to an Fx channel - and I just want to hear the Fx channel by itself… gee you’da thought I ask for somebody’s firstborn child or something

I’ve never used the control room, and my “L” or listen button is disabled

Any easy way to do this?

I see in the channel settings window there is a Sends and a Cue Sends.

I know that when you create an Fx Channel, you can send the signal from an audio track out to the Fx Channel using the sends…

  • but is the Sends Pre or Post Fader?
  • is there a way to effectively mute the audio Channel sending the signal and just hear the Fx Channel
    (It seems if I mute the audio Channel sending the signal, I can’t hear the Fx Channel)
  • What about the Fx in an audio Channel Insert - is the signal sent via the Sends to an Fx Channel dry or is it the signal after any Insert Fxs?
  • What about the Fx in an audio Channel Strip - is the signal sent via the Sends to an Fx Channel dry or is it the signal after any processing in the Channel Strip, like a limited, tube warmer, compressor?
  • What is the Cue Sends for

I greatly appreciate the help – any links to video tutorials would be welcomed as well.
Cloudy in CBus

-post fader but you can switch between pre and post fader
-use Listen instead of Solo on FX track (set listen dim to -infinity)
-after inserts
-after channel strip
-you can set up cue mixes

Understanding Audio Channel Signal Flow in Cubase 8

I think this is a good explanation on the order of the signal flow and what and how you can change.

never knew you can re-order strip

Thanks so much for the article!!

You can’t set the Fx channels to L/Listen - it’s disabled :cry:

OK… in Sends section of the Channel Control Window, each send has three “buttons” that are NOT visible unless you put your mouse over them

The buttons for each send are:

  1. Button One is on the left - It activates the send (allows you to or not to send)
  2. Button Two is on the top - It allows you set the send as pre or post fader [cha ching cha ching]
  3. Button Three is the right - It allows you set “where” you want to send the signal, to an Fx channel, to the output wherever

SOoooOOOOOoooo… using the button on the top, you can alter the send as pre or post fader. As you do this, the send box changes colors from bright blue to an aqua blue. In pre fader mode, you can pull the volume of the audio channel all the way down, but the signal will STILL go the Fx channel (or wherever you sent the send)

Hope This Helps!!

One Warning - If you sent “pre-fader” signals, and then you use volume track automation - the signal will still be sent to the Fx channel, even if the volume is off or down to nothing ::: kind of common sense, but if you’re using pre-fader only to listen carefully to Fx channel, and forget to set it to post-fader, then you might hear sounds you weren’t expecting to hear because you thought the volume wasn’t up.