Separate Audio Output Control For Video?


Is there a way to control the audio dialogue from a film separately from the audio output of the tracks you are using in Dorico?

I can change the audio device in the project but have not found a way to separate one for the video and one for the project tracks. It appears the video player in Dorico is chained to whatever the project’s audio device setting is.

Is there a way around this in Dorico? Or do I need 3rd party video slave software?

Thank you.

You want two different audio devices? Or you just want separate control of the audio - volume and such? You can make the video’s audio channel/fader visible in the Dorico mixer and do as you will with it separately, but there is only one underlying audio interface/ device in Dorico’s setup.

I’m curious about your need for two different devices.

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There’s no way to direct Dorico’s playback to one audio output and the video soundtrack to another, I’m afraid: at the moment, Dorico only supports a single stereo output. This is something we plan to expand in future versions.

Thank you Daniel and gdball.

It took me a while to discover there was a fader for the video in the mixing view. Maybe a control on the video itself for adjusting volume or muting could be useful.

What I need to figure out next is how to assign Dorico’s Video fader to a MIDI controller fader, knob, or computer keyboard control. It would be nice to have a quick one-touch mute or volume control by physically pressing a button, or using a knob or fader.

It was a bit of both.

It was prompted in a few ways. Trying to separate and send instruments, dialogue, fx, and sound design combinations to different audio interfaces and monitor configurations in my setup. Trying to analyze and maybe improve the system performance depending on the interface, soundcard, plugins, and instruments. Trying this over Zoom. And trying to control the volume or muting separately with a hands-on approach.

Thank you.