Separate Channels


Hi. I’ve been here before with the same question, and here I am again. I think I phrased my question wrongly. I want to import an audio track into Cubase, but separate the tracks into two channels. I tried importing, but I didn’t see anything that could help. At the risk of sounding not terribly bright about this, could someone help me, please? I’ve been at this for weeks, and I’m so frustrated.


mklpnsk41: What I would do is import (Or Drag the stereo file into the project)
then once it’s there EXPORT it back into the project making sure
the “SPLIT CHANNELS” box and the pool and audio channels are checked
File>Export>Audio mixdown.

mklpnsk41: What version of Cubase are you using
and what kind of computer :question: :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: I’m currently doing this exact thing with SPLIT CHANNELS
with some old 4-track tapes of mine from the early 1980’s
where we used a stereo rhythm track on tracks 1-2
mono on tracks 3-4 and I Wanted to Eq the stereo tracks halves
separately. SPLIT CHANNELS works really good for this.
Click my Soundcloud to hear this. There the top 2 songs :wink: :wink:

mklpnsk41: Still puzzled by your question.

Are you talking about a Mono track
then splitting that into 2 :question:

If so just Duplicate that mono
track then Pan the 2 mono tracks hard left and Right.
Put a 25 millisecond delay on one of them. :wink:

This technique works great for metal guitars :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: