Separate Control Room Mix Options

Right now I’m using Control Room and have a 5.1 mix set up as my Monitor mix, which is all good. What I’m wanting to do is have another optional monitor mix in Control Room that is configured for Quad + LFE. I can set the Quad + LFE buss up in Audio Connections, but as far as I can tell I can’t set up more than one output buss that routes to the same physical output channels - it’s either one or the other. I thought Control Room allowed you to set up multiple monitoring scenarios like what I’m attempting here, but I haven’t figured out how to do it correctly yet. Has anyone figured out the mysteries of Control Room monitoring for multiple scenarios like this? Thanks in advance!

Apparently there’s a setting somewhere in preferences to allow a physical output to be used more than once. I read about it somewhere in the control room section of the manual

You thought correctly.

I did figure this out. You have to set up the output routing in the CR section of the Audio Connections dialog box, not in Outputs. Then the mix option will show up on the CR tab. You also have to use the Mix Convert plugin on the monitor insert. My results have varied. Trying to monitor, say, a Dolby Digital 5.1 or 7.1 mix through the Quad + LFE setup, for example, has yielded only okay results. It’s a quick solution for downmixing, although if you really want to do a downmix right you will do a separate mix for each output type/config and not try to “auto” downmix using Mix Convert or another plugin promising the same. There is no free lunch. :wink: You could do it with stem mixes, you wouldn’t necessarily have to go back to individual track mixes, but still - the best way is doing a targeted mix for each downmix. Not practical, but better overall control IMO.