Separate filter cutoff

Please provide an option that separates multiple filter cutoffs. Right now we can have up to 4 filters but each one is tied to the same cutoff knob. Give us an option to untie the filters from the same knob please.
Screenshot (28).png
In the picture you can see what I’m talking about. 1 knob for 4 filters. Some sore of untie button would work wonders so that each individual filter can have its own cut off knob. Please add this.


I find it very strange that with all this power we only get one master filter cutoff.

The Dual Filter Serial and Dual Filter Parallel settings allow you to use 2 filters with independent Cutoff and Resonance, a setup similar to Spectrasonics instruments. Use the CF/Res Offset controls to control the second filter.

This should cover most practical uses. For more experimental stuff, try messing around with the Filter insert effects such as the Auto Filter and Resonator.

All the offset does is let you adjust the offset of a single cutoff and resonance. That is a far different thing than having independent control over two cutoffs and res. A simple thing like modulating the cutoff of a low cut filter while modulating a high cut in a different-and independent way-is not possible with the offset.

I would say it is certainly more the exception than the rule to only offer a single cutoff and resonance when using multiple filters.

My +1 request still stands. :slight_smile:

yes really useful!