Separate filter settings for Record and Thru

I wish I could setup MIDI filters in program settings seperately for record and thru for specific CC-numbers.
I am recording from a Nektar Panorama P6. When I want to record knob movements from my hardware synths (currently Moog Slim Phatty and DSI Prophet´08 Rack) I have to use a separate track for overdubbing, disabling thru, otherwise controllers will be looped back and the synths react strangely. Disabling thru for CC in program settings is not a solution, cause I wanna send CC64 and CC1 while recording from my controller keyboard.
If it was possible to filter out specific CC-numbers only from the thru-stream I could record notes from my keyboard and knob movements from my synth racks all in one pass.
Maybe it is possible via a realtime transformer but I didn´t find out yet :question: