Separate / Split Multi Wav tracks to mono after import

I work mainly with post-production, usually I am handed a AAF, XML or OMF with the video edits and audio recorded separate. Normally the tracks are separate mono files, identified by mics, boom, lavs, etc.
In this project the files already synced are still multi wav tracks, some have 4 to 6 channels. I was wondering if there is an option for Cubase 8.5 or Nuendo 8 to separate multi audio tracks that are already in the sequence.
I am trying to avoid have to re-import each clip to split on import. This eould be extremely time consuming.
I know this is possible on ProTools and other audio editing software.

Hi, I have the same problem, did you get any solutions?

Hi, I found a work-around: use Audacity and import the WAV, it is then split into its tracks. Then you can export the individual tracks in an automated batch export and voila you have 8 mono WAV tracks.

Nope cubse can’t do this. Even tho every free audio program can do this. But not cubse