Separate Windows

Hi, is there a way to put the midi editor/piano roll and the media bay window as completely separate windows from the project window? I have 3 monitors, and it would be really nice to be able to put the editor on one, and the media bay on another, but it doesn’t seem to allow that. Is there a way to get them to act more like the mixer and channel settings windows? Or is something that’s already fixed in Cubase 7+?


If you stretch the main Cubase window across all your screens you can position the subwindows anywhere you want.
To drag windows outside of the Cubase window, they need to have ‘always on top’ enabled. This is available for the mixer, but I don’t know about the project window and mediabay to be honest.

It is unfrtunate that Steinberg never got it right. Floating windows were promised way back in 2003. Logic used to have them, I almost went back to Logic for floating windows alone. Unfortunately as mentioned above, Aside from the transport and a couple of others, your project window has to be opened across the three monitors.

wow, i never got notified of this… i’m just now checking all my old posts haha, but thanks Strophoid! I coincidentally came up with the same solution too before reading this just now! Of course, with Cubase 8 now, this isn’t an issue… but just wanted to say thanks guys! haha