Separated Mix for Headphones in UR824... Is this possible?

I’m pretty new with the UR824, so maybe I’m asking for a really obvious thing, but well…

I was trying to get some kind of “Headphone Mix” in Cubase AI 6 that isn’t linked to any of the Analog Outputs, but my efforts were in vane.

Is this possible? I used to work with an EMU 1820M and in its DSP MIX the analog outputs weren’t linked to the headphones, so I was using all the analog outputs as stereo mixes (one as the main monitor mix for the monitor room and the others for the musicians in the record room) and the headphone output as a stereo mix for the guitarist in the record room (the 1820M only had one headphone output), all were independent mixes.

So I would like to do the same, and take advantage of the second headphone out, so I can have another stereo mix (for the producer maybe?)

Is this possible? :unamused:

Definitely! I don’t have a UR824 but it’s easy with the MR816x.

Actually, I think it is not possible. I have UR824, but I have not used MR. So far as I know, differense with these two devices is that on MR you can set phones outputs as ADAT outputs, but in UR those are limited to be mix 1-4 outputs which are same as analog output pairs.

Yeap you are right beatpete I don’t quite understand why isn’t possible to do a separate mix at least for one of the headphone outputs, I mean, you only need one headphone to monitor your mixes…