Separating instrument tracks to mix separate elements.

I use to do this with midi tracks, basically do the drums on one track then separate them all, like kick, snare etc all on its own track, but still triggering the same midi instrument. how is this achieved with instrument tracks? so i can separate drums etc for mixing?

Thank you


It can’t be achieved with Instrument Tracks. Instrument Tracks are limited to a single stereo out. You need to load a VSTi in the Instrument “Rack” to enable multiple outputs.

So theres absolutely no way to separate the notes ? and all just come from same instrument? im not looking to use multiple outs?

you can do it but it’s cpu intensive , you can load loads of separate instances of the same instrument and just change the midi channel if need be BUT if it’s a cpu hog then your projects are going to suffer .
Just load a second instance of your desired instrument ,make a blank part and copy the notes you want from the other track ,if you want more tracks then just repeat

Hey thanks, thats what i used to say load 1 kontakt for example. and load up the different isntruments in 1 kontakt then assign the midi channel to each instrument within kontakt. But with an instrument channel its different right? Is there a quick way to copt notes to a blank part or is faster to copy the part and delete the note u dont want?


Use the instrument rack and dissolve your midi part to separate notes.


yea thats what i normally do. but im asking because i have a session full of instrument tracks.


Manual p 474:

Dissolve Parts

could be a solution.

Lol i didnt realize i could dissolve instrument track smh.