Separating voices

I’ve got some chords (mostly three-note) in one part (one staff). Now I need to separate them so that the top two notes of each chord are to be the top voice (stems up) and the bottom note is to be the bottom voice (stems down).

The manual talks about Re-using Existing Voices, which sounds like what I want to do: Essentially separating one voice into two. However, the instructions here don’t work at all. It just deletes the work that’s there and enters new notes.

How do I change chords to two or three voices on the same staff?

Thank you.

You can’t do that yet…

I mostly use Sibelius. There, as an example, I can select a note of a two-note chord, click on the number 2 key and it separates the two notes into two voices. So, this is something that is not possible in Dorico?


Yes, I’m a Sibelius person too. For now, in Dorico you have to delete the note you want to put in a different voice. Then, with the caret active, hit shift-V to start a new voice, and enter your note there. Important - if you already have a second voice elsewhere, instead of shift-V (which always starts a new voice), hit V to switch between existing voices.