Separation of midi track recording to different tracks

I record mainly audio and be the first one to tell ya i am not a midi guy…but would like to use the tools the older cubase [vst3.75] of years ago had…sometimes i will be working with my yamaha mm6 keyboard for ideas and structure using auto play or multiple instruments [drums and piano]…and if i record the midi track, [drum and piano, or syns at the same time] they record on one track [ set to any for midi in] i have tried recording 2 tracks, one set to any [piano] and channel 10 for drums but doesnt seem to like that… so i guess with one track i would then like to separate the drums out of that to a new track…in the old days i could separate them based on drum [ch 10] and everything else as piano, string or whatever would show up on a different track… this allowed me to get different voices…so i have searched hi and low to find an answer as to how to do it but maybe what i am using as far as search words are off…anyone have ideas or point me in the right direction…thanks and sorry for the long post…

Don’t worry… my replies are usually much longer than your post! :stuck_out_tongue:
O.K. have I got this right?..
You currently have a MIDI Part on a MIDI track (set to “Any”) containing data from several MIDI channels, which you now want to separate?
Easy :wink:
Select the MIDI Part in the Project window, then go to MIDI Menu>Dissolve Part, and when the dialog box appears, choose “Separate Channels”. :slight_smile: (the additional function “Optimize Display” will simply shrink the MIDI Parts accordingly, rather than each new Part keeping the original size of the multi-channel Part)

thanks so much…i will try it right now and let ya know…appreciate it…

ok, so, on my yamaha mm6, i recorded a song of drums, bass and piano…i recorded into cubase 7 midi track…now i want to separate the parts to different tracks, ie drum, bass and piano…sorry i wasn’t clear in the first post but wasn’t sure how to explain it…want to use slate or superior drummer for drums, addictive keys for piano and some synth for bass but wanted then on different tracks…possible? thanks

Ah… I see… you “moved the goalposts” a little :stuck_out_tongue:
So, if you have done everything correctly, the above will have created new tracks, each playing on the desired MIDI channel, but of course, not yet routed to the correct Instrument?
So… change the Instrument for each of those newly-created tracks :wink:.
Unless you’d prefer this
Maybe in fact you want to separate the MIDI as it comes in, not after it has been recorded onto a single track?
Whether you can do this, depends on which version of Cubase you have… only possible with the “full” version (because you need to use the MIDI Input Transformer)…
So, let’s say, three different MIDI Tracks (drum, bass and piano)…
Create your three MIDI tracks, each routed to the desired Instrument, with the outgoing MIDI channel set either to the desired channel, or to “Any” (or use Instrument Tracks), and record-enable them.
For each of the tracks, open the Local Input Transformer (the “crooked arrow” icon, near the top-right of each track’s Inspector)
Make sure the current module is “switched on”.
You should have factory presets installed, precisely for this usage…Channel Filtering>“Pass CH.01” etc.
So, of course, each MIDI track is actually receiving all the MIDI that you are transmitting from your Yamaha, but these presets will filter out all MIDI data except the chosen MIDI channel for that track (which you have already routed to the desired instrument :wink: )

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Nice, thanks, vic_france!

i will try it now…wasn’t successful with first go around…didn’t separate into additional tracks…my set up is listed below…seems we have similar interfaces…
PC win 7 x64 12 core xeon 3.66 GHz | 32GB RAM | MOTU PCI-424/2408mk3|MOTU Midi Express xt | Cubase 7.0| Wavelal 8| ProTools 11.2.1| Slate and Superior drums