Sequencer plugin to play an external synth

Hi all,
I’m new to VST live and trying to wrap my head around the workflow.
I’d like to use Stepic by DeviceMeister plugin, a plugin sequencer, to send midi notes to an external synth.
The midi tracks in VST Live can send midi notes out, to a Layer hosting VST plugin or to an external midi output, i get it.
But the midi tracks cannot host a plugin… so i’m trying to host the sequencer plugin in a Layer, but cannot find our to send midi notes out of the software…
Is it even possible? Or i just miss something.

… it’s currently not possible, but we are working on it. Stay tuned,

Ok so it’s not me, i feel better, in a way!
But yeah, i really thought it was already there as it seems to me a pretty common use case.
Good to know it’s coming, hopefully soon.

Hello @Spork !

I just upgraded to VST Live PRO 2 with hope that controling external hardware was now possible, it doesn’t seem to be, am I correct?

… yes, for the moment. It’s already “done”, but it did not make it to Prime Time of VST Live 2. Just give us a bit and we’ll push it version 2.

See you,

Ok great to hear.
It’s interesting how each user is consedering that this or this feature is core / top priority, when in fact it’s not necessarily a must have.
For me, controlling & sequencing external gear is essential, it will probably help VST Live Pro to compete with Ableton Live, which for dawless musicians remains the leader i guess (maybe more than Apple Mainstage).
I’ll be patient, thxs!