Sequential Numbering Of Saved files

I was hoping there was a way to save the files open in the ribbon tab with the same name but sequentially numbered, is that there and I am missing it or is there a way of doing this?
I frequently have large files which I edit parts from, and it would be great to save them all in a project folder with incremental or sequential numbering

Unless there’s a box you can tick in the preferences window, you’re probably out of luck.

ok I thought as much, I would like it so you could make a file name like Sound%%%.wav and it would be saved as Sound001.wav the next in the list Sound002.wav etc etc

I’m guessing the only way you could do something like that is through batch processing, but that wouldn’t happen in situ.

OK looks like longhand then!

Did you check naming schemes? Maybe you could use same name and index (or counter) when rendering multiple files.

I don’t know any way by ‘Save As’, but there is a function to export files using a naming scheme.
Main Menu: ‘File’/‘Export’ - Current File: ‘Render’/‘Multi’ - Check required files in the ‘Source’ list - ‘Part’: ‘Whole File’ - ‘Result’: ‘Named File’ - in ‘Scheme’ select ‘Edit…’ - Button ‘+ Add Attribute’ - Element 1: ‘Free Text’ (e.g. “Sound”), Element 2: ‘Counter’ - Button ‘OK’ - Button ‘Start’ to export files named “Sound 1.wav”, “Sound 2.wav”, etc. Additionally, you can fine tune naming by parameters.

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Well, I’m glad somebody figured it out.

thank you! I shall take a look into this, thank you again :smiley: