Sequential sound cuts with mic recording on Cubase 5


I’ve been having a recording problem that I cannot solve. I am using:

  • Cubase 5;
  • TS Mini interface;
  • Mic Shure SM58;
  • Windows 10.

I can record guitar tracks without any problem. However, when I try to record a vocal track, the following happens:

The sound mutes (cuts-off) repeatedly during a track. The waveforms continue there, but no sound on those parts. Then suddenly returns. The song recorded resembles a bar code, where the black stripes are sound and the white spaces muted. I can hear these cuts as I record, and playing back afterwards too (even though the waveforms are there). I attached an illustration of the problem.

I have tested with Meloaudio driver and Asus DirectX driver. It’s the same. Only on bypass mode does not happen (so it’s not the cable), but if I use this mode to record, on the track, it does happen all the same.
I also tested increasing and decreasing the buffer size – it stayed the same.

Thank you so much for your time.

Learn about noise gates for a start, and how and where insert fx are used in Cubase.
Apart from that, your Cubase version is not supported on windows 10.

So would you say this is a compatibility issue? From what I’ve learned, it shouldn’t be a gate issue, but I’ll try all the same.
The only thing I found (on the web) that may be related to the problem is a power deficiency through the usb port. However, it is enough to support the guitar. This only happens with the mic.


No, I would say, it is a “noise gate issue”

Now obviously the signal is recorded, so it is certainly not a “power deficiency through the USB port”


So after some new tests, here is what I understand it happens: Despite we can still see the waveforms, the sound cuts off whenever I lower my voice on the mic. I learned this because if I “talk” with a higher volume on the mic, the sound returns (as if forced in).

So, you might be right about the noise gates, but don’t we need to add a “new insert” on a given track com add/control the noise gate?

Thanks for your help.

I am quite sure I am right about the noise gate.
Why don´t you simply just look at your inserts and check yourself…? Fastest way to find the Problem. If you load a track preset with a gate inside, you don´t Need to add anything. And quite obviously you have some Kind of insert loaded in your track.

Ok, thanks.

I didn’t have the opportunity yet, but I will test a new track and then mess with the noise gate, as a new insert. I don’t have any gate insert on that track. I checked. However, on every new track I record, the same happens (only with the mic. The guitar is always ok).

After the tests, I get back with the results.


VST dynamics?

That was it! VST dynamics was on and it activates a gate by default.

All ok now, thanks to your help.

Thanks a lot.

You re welcome.