Sequoia Style Editing

Hello All,

I am a multi-platform user (Magix, Steinberg, Avid, on Macs & PCs).
Currently working on a classical project, that has lots of edits. All the edits were carefully and individual refined for seamless sound.
Now the client is asking for revisions, (in sequoia I can switch “modes” and it allows me to move clips but keeps the fades locked. Is there a way to do this in nuendo?
(included is a screen shot of all the edits. i need to make changes where the cursor is)
I have tried grouping bigger clusters together but all the cross fades with in the group seem to get effected. So I am forced to group a large cluster, nudge the audio, then un-group, then re-group back to small sections and work on the individual cross-fades.
I have tried rendering chunks that don’t need revisions, but that effects the sound quality of the edits in-to and out-off the newly created clip.
I have tried gluing the edits that don’t need to be refined, but that also creates audible changes.

Can Nuendo even do this?
please help!

If I understand correctly, you need to move the content of the clip, while keeping it’s lenght, fades etc.

Press Shift + Alt and drag clip left or right. If you need to move the content of several clips, select them first.

Thank you, but no. I do not need to slip the content of my clip. I need to make new edits (insert new clips) in the various parts of the song. And I need to be sure that while I’m adjusting in the crossfade-editor, no other edits/fades get changed.

Hey Steinberg!
…I just wish there was a mode that let all cross-fades stay locked. And only the one open in cross-fade-editor, would be adjusted, while everything around remains locked together as “clip” information, but adjust on the timeline if needed.
…maybe for Christmas/Hanukkah…in v8 :slight_smile:

There’s a dropdown menu in the crossfade editor “to end”, “to next gap”, etc …
That being said, it only works for the track you are working on.
But that can be solved by grouping your events.


…all this is working so nice in pyramix - i haven’t been able to adapt my workflow completely, and miss quite a few advanced editing-features in NU.


Thank you Fredo!
This does help. Is there a similar way to control the information to the left of the crossfade?
Also, I use grouping all the time and find it very helpful in my work. When “Group Editing” is engaged on a folder, no matter how many clip clusters I try to group together (Ctrl+G) they do not link. Is there a way to link small clusters together, and keep the “Group Editing” on?
Than you!

Lasso the events you want to groug and group them.
Dunno what the default Key Command is …



I’m doing classical productions using Nuendo.

Be careful when using the Crossfade editor when using internal automation.
When using the Nudge Audio function inside the Crossfade editor, automation does not follow these changes.
Even though “Automation follows events” is on.
This is a bug which is still not corrected.

So if you modify your edits and crossfades after the mixing process (and in classical music this most often implies changes in your timeline), all of the automation following your new edit will be out of sync! And it is impossible to recover.