Serato Sample in Cubase 12?

I’m having trouble getting Serato Sample to sjow in Cubase 12. (tried with and without Rosetta) It runs fine in Cubase 10.5 as a 2.4 VST, but 12 likes VST 3 or above. Any ideas?

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Only VST3 are supported on Mac M1, if you run Cubase natively. Under the Rosetta 2, VST2 plug-ins are also available.

If Cubase doesn’t accept the plug-in, make sure, the plug-in is up to date, please. If it is, I would recommend get in contact with the plug-in developers.

Operating Systems:

macOS 12 Monterey
macOS 11 Big Sur
macOS 10.15 Catalina

for now.

My fingers are crossed for vst3 and stems in their next update.

unfortunately, it seems Sample is way down on Serato’s priority list as they prioritize their DJ software (this I do understand) and their toy DAW Studio (which I don’t understand).

If you don’t want to run it under Rosetta, You might try a VST3>VST2 bridge of some sort.

This is by no means a complete list or anything. I haven’t tried most of them, but they might prove interesting. It’s my understanding that these can run in a VST3 host, and in turn host VST2 (or even others like Avid Pro Tools plugins, Apple Logic plugins, CLAP, etc).

I’ve used this on PC, and it works well for me. With the VST3 version in Cubase 12 or Dorico 4, I did need to do a simple registry (or plist in the case of a Mac) hack to make it behave exactly as I want (force a given number of audio inputs/outputs to register in in the newest Steinberg hosts), but it does work well (and provides a lot of benefits besides bridging/chaining plugins). My understanding is that the newest VST3 Bidule is happy to run on Apple Silicon, but I personally cannot ‘confirm’ this.

Blue Cat’s Patchwork
I haven’t tried this one, but have seen reports that it can handle it, and that it works well in Steinberg hosts.

Again, I haven’t tried it. It’s JUICE based, and some report that’s not the smoothest operator in Steinberg hosts, but it might be worth a look.

Viennia Ensemble Pro
Again, I’ve yet to try it, but it should be able to ‘serve’ VST2 plugins up in a VST3 host?

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I forgot to mention this possibility.

If your instrument can run in ‘stand alone’ mode (as a MIDI app, rather than a plugin)…then you could set up a virtual MIDI port, and have Cubase talk to it that way. Might can use Core Audio to set up a virtual cable route to get the audio output of it back into Cubase (On a PC I’d use ASIO Link Pro for that task)?

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I know this is an ancient post; just wanted to say thanks for the list.

I think BFD just released a VST3 compatible version, but just in case - I do own a Bidule license so good to know

Also, Patchwork looks interesting for completely unrelated reasons…

edit: they released a “stable” Apple Silicon version. VST2 only means info here is still worth investigating for me