Serbia Support

Hello Steinberg,
As it is almost imposible to send you email, i will write to you here.
Im really disappointed you deleted Serbia from country lists for shipping and billing.

Im am Cubase user for more than 15 years and would like really much to hear explanation of WHY we are not able to put our country adress on invoices. I can tell you that you have so many users in Serbia, and friend of mine, really well know psy-trance producer with project Zyce, is not able to order update because you dont support our country. And i really wonder why?
Are you trying to stop us, people from Serbia to use Steinberg products?

I would really much to hear what possible explanation you have about this issue?

Im part of big group of Serbian producers group and label “TesseractStudio”, and standing behind project called E-Clip, in witch i’m also very successful, and also know that many artist from same label are using Cubase for many many years. We have been your loyal customers and now we cant buy your products if we live in serbia? i just cant understand!

Are you talking about the checkout page in the online store? If so, you might get a faster response if you email the store itself:

I have a similar problem.I want to upgrade from Cubase 7 to Cubase 10.The site clearly says its 99.50 eur,but my country is not on the list-Serbia.

Guys, I am from Serbia as well, and I buy things without issues. You don’t have to be ‘in Serbia’. I always choose the US.