Serias Problem with AudioWarp

I have a strange problem… On one of my projects the bass guitar track’s timing was corrected with AudioWarp. When I play my track from cubase the bass track is perfectly in time, but when I bounce the project, the bass track drags towards the end…

It seems that the tracks plays slower towards the end? Is there anything I can do to confirm this? Please help steinberg?? Is there a problem with AudioWarp when you bounce?

Have you tried bouncing or “flattening” the audio track before exporting the project? Do an incremental save (new project name) so you can still go back to the original audio if needed.

I’ve solo’d the bass track, selected the export to add to and audio track, en bounced the bass part so that i can compare with the original. There is an substantial offset over time. AudioWarp is not staying in sync!!! Is this only me?? Note that the song was about 5min with one bass event that was audiowarped… Project settings was 44kHz 24 bit… Bass part was a 44Khz 16bit. Should still be perfectly fine…