Serious Crashing / Issues

Hello All,

Just want to know if anyone else has had this issue and may know why this is happening. Just spent 4k on a new iMac, custom built to the best specs Apple can possible produce to date. My signature should show the specs.

Well not even 1 month of having this new machine, which worked great for the first month, it now seems to crash daily. I only have about 15 tracks in my project(some instrument, some audio) and was told this computer should handle 50+ tracks. I do all my mixing and mastering so I should be running around 6 plugs in per track. All my plug ins are up to date.

PS: my entire screen turns white when moving notes/audio in the edit screen. Maybe this should be another post but seems Cubase7 has been giving me tons of new issues this past week :confused:

Do you have possibility to downdate to Cubase 6.5 version? At this moment a lot of cubase&mac users agree to comeback this previous version for daily work. Cubase 7 has impressive features but Steinberg have to fix a known mac performance issue Cubase 7 vs 6.5 OS X performance: get in touch with us! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
and must think to improve several GUI problems reported in this forum Difficult to read font in C7 (Mac) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

That’s a LOT of money for a computer!

There are minor quibbles with Cubase 7 on Mac (and some on PC) but nothing that would cause the sort of system failures you’re describing. I’d be looking for conflicting programs or a hardware fault - maybe a bad RAM stick?


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I upgraded from Cubase 4 to 7 so I don’t think I can downgrade to 6.5 unless I purchase it. I will look into it though.

yea its weird, plus my VST/CPU is only at 20% so I know Im not overloading. I just spoke with Apple support, the RAM and all hardware is fine, thank God! They took a look at the error in my diagnostic report as well and shows the problem is faulting in Cubase.

If it continues, Im going to contact Steinberg and request an Auth Code for 6.5. From what I hear 6.5 is the best running so far.

If you purchased 7, a license for 6.5 is included. No auth code needed, just download and install.


If you purchased 7, a license for 6.5 is included. No auth code needed, just download and install.[/quote]

Thanks I may try that :slight_smile: Do I download the trial and I automatically have the full version or is there somewhere else I need to go?