Serious error in unknown plugin

I’m getting these vague unknown errors in wavelab pro 9.5.4
Anyone have any ideas what is happening?
Win 10 home, 64 bit

Running in the main editor with master section disabled.

Please give more information about how you are operating in WaveLab.

I’m in the default edit window, I had some effects in the master section, but since I had rendered the external and internal processing, these were disabled through the on/off button. In parallel I was working on a montage of 4 of clients tracks. However I noticed a strange cutoff at the end of a file and wanted to check outside in the editor, so I hit E it “edit source” and this is when the error came. Same time, at the end of the file. Maybe it’s a problem with this files ending? No issues with any others, and its generated by a realtime render in wavelab.