"Serious Graphic Card Error" crashing Cubase (with .dmp file)

i’ve suddenly got this error message, while being idle with an open project:

my graphic card is Nvidia Geforce 3070, and the cubase version is Cubase Pro 11

i also have a dump file but the forum won’t let me attach it

what could be the problem?

You’re okay’d to upload zip and upload your crash log file

ok, here it is -
Cubase 64bit 2021.1.10 (189.0 KB)

also, when i reopened the program it gave me this message, maybe it provides additional useful info-

I have the same issue, but with a Gigabyte AMD Radeon R927XOC. So it’s definitely not specific to Nvidea or AMD cards.

Thought I’d add my voice to this. Had this. Few times over the past week or so. I’m running. GTX750 Ti.
As far as i can recall it happens when opening a second project while one is already opened.

@Davebass5 , @Pierre_Pienaar

If *.dmp files were produced, can you upload? (.dmp files can now be dragged right into a reply)

I will next time. I normally clear them out at the end of each day (if i have any).

I had that a couple of times when I first upgraded to 11. It hasn’t done it again since the last maintenance update. In 10.5 I was plagued with graphics related crashes.

Had this happen twice tonight. Not really a surprise as its been stable for almost 48 hours. Something was bound to give.
Here’s the crash report.
Cubase 64bit 2021.3.3 (941.4 KB)

The same issue cubase 11,nvidia rtx 2060,i9 10900k,32 gig ram

0x80070005 graphic issue and then crash