Serious issue with frame breaks

I have run across an unusual, yet serious issue. I’m involved in a theatre production atm which I have performed before. The material is charming, but the published parts and score have always been a mess. So this time, I asked the composer for and xml and redid the score and parts.

What happened then is something that I have noticed before but which I thought was simply a occasional bug fixed by jumping from layout to layout, but it turns out it is not so. Basically, if I start adding frames breaks, even by adding a title page, the collision avoidance is somehow affected and the odd slur, text, triplet bracket, dynamic mark etc … will get in the way of notes or of each other. Switching layout can fix it, but temporarily: after waiting a few seconds, the problems will reappear. These issues will remain present when printing or exporting. Fortunately, moving the offending items in engrave mode, even just a little, settles the situation. I move I use frame breaks for better page turns. A frame break can cause an issue three pages down. However, it is true that instruments that require less such formatting, like trumpet, will not display the problem as severely as cello, which plays more continuously and therefore is more difficult to format with page turns in mind. The score has no such issue because it does not need frame breaks. I tried pretty much all I could think off to stop this, but to no avail. It is based on a xml import and has a lot of flows. I will send the file to Daniel with a short note. Hopefully it can be reproduced.

After importing the xml, did you reset everything as much as possible?

Indeed I did. The first thing I always do is:

Reset appearance
Reset position
Remove forced stems
Reset beaming

Of course all rests have that nagging “forced position and duration”, but I have also tried removing those manually ain one flow and the problem still occurred.

I forgot to add that flows are allowed on the same page in this case.

Just heard that the problem was reproduced. It will be looked at soon.