Serious Melodyne/Cubase problem-Need tech help

Hello. This one is for one of the Steinberg techs…or anyone else who might have info.

Everytime I transfer a mono audio segment with Melodyne Singletrack, it comes back out of sync. I had used Melodyne for years with no problem. I am now using Cubase 5 but is wasn’t till I downloaded v1.2 Melodyne that the issue began. NOTE: Celemony sent me a Legacy VSTPlug in to try, but when I transfered the audio it also
came back out of sync. The Celemony dudes have been trying to help and they’re great, but this is too weird for
humanity. Need assistance with this. BTW, I have tried the transfer on three songs with the same out of sync
results. Should I re-install Cubase 5? Actually, I have Cubase 6 now and when I tried it with 6 it also came back
out of sync.

See if Constrain Delay Compensation has any effect.

Thanks. Where would I find this?

Nevermind. I found it. Thanks

Thanks, but this didn’t help with the Melodyne Cubase 5 screw ups. I am working withJorg at Celemony to find
the problem, but it’s either way too simple or quite deep.

When I import tunes recorded on tape and transferred to digital, I usually open up a new project and import with
the transport in it’s default position. Then Melodyne is very happy. I have a couple of tunes that I added bars and bar numbers to . It seems that Melodyne doesn’t like this because of the many tempo chanes in the tempo track)even thought the tempo really never changes. The tunes were recorded live with no click track which doesn’t matter when you keep the default tempo at 120bps and never mess with it. Anyone else had this happen?