Serious Mix Console Bug!

Short version:

Cubase mix console went berserk and undid the entire mix console history of a five hour session, after I pressed the undo button once. It locked the screen so you were unable to do anything or click anything and stop it from undoing. It was as if someone was pressing the undo key really fast for five minutes. It took five minutes for it to stop doing this.

Action: pressed the undo button ONCE on the mix console, and the mix console went berserk.

I didn’t know what was happening at first, i started getting pop up message after pop up message saying ‘Are you sure you want to undo as all automation will be lost’. This message kept appearing one on top of the other, there must have been around 100 . I had no control over the daw, and then I realised I could see it was undoing every single action i had made on the mix console, loading / unloading plugins, automating, deleting - everything.

After five minutes it finally stopped, but it was too late - everything had been undone. I went into the mix console history, and a massive chunk was gone, so I couldn’t recover anything. And there was only one backup file - even though I have automatic saves on.

All my work for the whole day was gone, and there’s no way I’ll be able to recreate what I did I feel quite numb. This is serious. I’ve given up on cubase 11, i’ve just come across too many bugs. And I’m done with defending steinberg on my many posts here.

If anyone has come across this issue before let me know what is going on, otherwise I’m reconsidering staying with cubase, i spend more time troubleshooting than creating, in fact I need to find out how I get a refund. This is not acceptable.

Mac Pro 2019
16 core
cubase 11
catalina latest


I have never seen something like this. You can Redo in the MixConsole, does it work?

Never heard of that before. Only thing I could think is he keystroke somehow stuck mechanically or digitally, or if you were running on a external ssd Cubase saves very 15 minutes automatically. So if there were a malfunction or loss of drive it may have caused the not so perfect storm. Sorry to hear though. A real bummer.