Serious Problem... crashdump

Hi everyone,

been working on a project for a while and suddenly I am starting to get the “a serious error has occured…” message while trying to load the project… I then need to go through the .bak files to find the newest one that will load and then re-do all the lost work again… but then it will happen again maybe not today but tomrrow or the next day!

I’ve not loaded any new sofware or hardware and I’m at a loss what is causing this!

where do I send the crashdump file to get the problem looked at?

Contact Steinberg Support.

I have tried (via my steinberg) but I keep getting this message!

“The attachment(s) cannot be uploaded. Please check format and size!”

Uploading it as a zip file?

I suppose you’ve trashed prefs/started Cubase in safe mode …

Even if you haven’t added anything to your setup something might have changed.

Don’t know if this will help you, but export a track archive from a good version of the file (in case there is some weird corruption in the bad file)

I’ve had this happen to me a few times and I’m afraid the only solution I ever found was to rebuild from a new project. This isn’t to say that you lose everything, though, but it will involve a bit of work.

You say you can sometimes open the project so next time you can you need to go through everything in it and make copious notes of track types, plugins used, presets, audio files, edit points, eq settings, automation points… You may get away with saving some of this out as presets. Edit/automation points can be copied into Notepad for later pasting. Going from memory:

  • create a new project
  • recreate the required tracks (I wouldn’t trust track archive, something in the track data may be the problem)
  • load the required plugins and VSTis
  • import the audio files into the pool
  • copy over the settings (from presets if you managed to create them)
  • you will probably be able to copy over MIDI events without a problem
  • redo the audio edits from the notes you took

Save into separate projects as you go so you can back-track easier and feel free to juggle the order of things to suit what you’re faced with.

It’s a labour, I won’t kid you, but it might be quicker to do it like this in the long term and you’ll be more confident in the outcome. I hope the project isn’t too vast but it may only cost you an afternoon if you resist the temptation to cut corners by copying over too much, such as entire tracks.

Good luck,

Had the same issue sent the crash dump files to support along with system logs etc it’s been 5 days and still have had no response. Had to go back to 6.5 as 7 is crashing way to much

I have discovered that if I remove the east-west VST from the VST folder the song loads ok… however, the downside is that the east-west vst’s are missing from the project… I’ve had this before with guitar rig and BFD2… the empty project loads fine and you can start a new project ect… I think that somehow during the ‘save’ something with the VST is becoming corrupt… big pain in the butt!

my only workaround is to print the VST’s to audio and removing the vst from it’s vst slot before saving!

this is not a very productive way to work!