Serious Problems With Direct Offline Processing #2

I love how after almost 6 months and five pages of complaints the moderator says “a new patch for 9.5 has been release” and SHOULD fix issues with DOP. And then LOCKS the topic… I just want my money back.

I’d like a credit for Nuendo or I will continue looking elsewhere… Digital Preformer offers a credit for people switching from Cubase.

Such an obsession with the new kid-on-the-block DOP… go elsewhere and then realise that this is seriously complicated code and it doesn’t matter what you use, it’ll have bugs and kinks that need working on…

I don’t thin you understand, go read the the other post.

The moderator you refer to is only being helpful to any and all who are subscribed to that thread, and was quite clear about where to post if there were still problems.

As far as refunds go, as you probably know, you can get a refund right up until you activate the the license you buy. After that, if you don’t want to own Cubase any longer, you can recoup some of your money by selling your current Cubase license.

If that doesn’t satisfy you, no one on the forum can help you get a refund. You should contact Steinberg via the support portal, or at info at There is also a snail mail contact info and a telephone number for the corporate office on the website.

…as recently as a few weeks ago I had to walk support though why DOP is an issue, they said “they weren’t aware”, and “hadn’t heard it was” … That’s what you should be concerned about, support not knowing and you should be most concerened when your heavy users stop talking to you, because we have had it, and move on.

I think Cubase, now owned by Yamaha is moving towards the laptop “musician” and it’s sad.

Steinberg / Yamaha - Don’t replace working features with new shinny ones that do not work and then release patches 6 months later saying things like…

It should fix most Direct Offline Processing issues:

SHOULD is a sales word meaning I DON’T KNOW, and I WILL NOT COMMIT to this speculative statement I am making. It means I HOPE, IT MIGHT, HOPEFULLY THIS WILL SHUT YOU UP, WE DON’T KNOW.

Tbf, gearbutts is a trash site and I don’t take anyones word there. Bail on cubase and do what makes you happy.