Serious Problems With Direct Offline Processing

Should be simple to explain.

In the attached image - the top track is a bunch of edited VO segments from a longer recording which have a few semitone, non time corrected pitch shift applied

I then duplicated this track and applied a time-corrected 12-semitone pitch shift to the segments within it.

As you can see from the waveforms, it’s horribly, horribly broken. The segments now dont match to the segments above in terms of where they are in the recording.

Also it took AGES to complete processing. A dialogue within the processing window said it had 180 segments to process (there were 16) . And it’s still broken.

How the hell do I fix this? Apart from open it in 9 and try again?

Just to add, deleting the pitch process still leaves me with totally broken, mismatching segments.

Whoooooaaaahh. Just hit undo and it reverted it. Then cubase poof crashes.

This is pretty bad, guys.

Have crash log but cant attach text files to posts.

Ok it seems I may have gotten to the root of the problem.

If you apply an offline process to a long, single audio object - then chop that object into a bunch of small objects, applying the same time of process to the subsequent files will totally break them - and undoing the action will likely fail, and possibly even crash cubase making you lose a bunch of work.

Going back to v9.

Giving this a bump as I’m sure I can’t be the only person with this problem?

Also worth noting this particular project file now has HUNDREDS of new audio files created in the Edits folder as a result.

Not being able to reliably process clips reliably renders 9.5 useless for me

For me there also have been some crashes while using DOP

Why are you going back to v9? If you stick with 9.5 and don’t use DOP you get all the other benefits of the release.

Is there a way to use the old offline processing in 9.5?

EDIT: No. No there is not. So I have to go back to v9 to actually do my job.

Can confirm that some odd stuff happens when you try to do what the thread starter described.

Not only then. In general 9 straightforward BASIC edit functions which worked for years have been completely destroyed with this idiot menu

I’ve been using DOP extensively for the past week and everything seems to work fine outside of the issue described by the thread starter.

Fair enough!

This is what annoys me
in the menu “audio” you have “direct offline processing F7” and the old “Processes” however BOTH open the “direct offline processing” interface. This is redundant, 1 entry is enough?
for shits and giggles choose “normalize” from the “processes” menu, click apply waveform goes up. Now choose “discard” nothing happens, you have to either right click and delete the event on the left hand side from the context menu, or press crtl +z. What’s the function of “discard” then?!?

Discard is for when you’re previewing changes using the Audition button (realtime preview). Pressing it restores the settings to the last applied settings.

The F7 menu is basically the offline process history for that clip. The processes menu allows for old mouse-based workflows to work more or less the same as before, and was probably kept to ease the transition from the old system to DOP for some people.

Well, I have just requested a refund on my 9.5 upgrade - people might say that as its a digital download you have no rights to refund, but the EU laws regarding consumer protection appear to disagree. Lets see how I get on. I’ll be happy to repurchase once it’s fixed, but currently for me the 9.5 upgrade is not ‘Fit For Purpose’.

Time to start seriously investigating Reaper.

That’s just stupid, preview should play whatever the selection is, one should be no need to “reset” preview.

Yep, they need to fix this DOP, hopefully very soon.
Or make it removable, right now it is completely useless anyway.
I have several issues using it, I can understand there can be issues in a new release, and most normally gets fixed in the first patch. But this feels like it is still in Alpha stage, a little worried.

Customer story: let’s overhaul a straightforward menu, WITHOUT ANY CONPLAINTS SINCE IT’S EXISTANCE and turn it into something as unintuitive and useless as possible

Eh, what? So far it sounds like your whole problem with DOP is that you simply aren’t making any effort to get your head around it.

You’re not resetting the preview, you’re resetting the changes you made without hitting apply. Hitting Audition lets you hear the changes you’re making in real time, without having to apply. (this is the same as the old preview button…)