Serious Processing Overload HELP!

Hi guys I’ve been having serious Processing Overload issues.
As indicated in the picture, it doesn’t look like CPU is the problem.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I have performance problems too, been hindering me for ages now, it’s cost me work

Hi guys it looks like I’m going to have to take up a formal ticket, and contact support. Does anyone have any experience with this? It says to contact my local distributor here in Melbourne.

So far I have upgraded my computer, ram, re-installed windows and all of my Cubase products.

I had this issue all the time with .20 but when I updated to .30 the issue disappeared…go figure :confused: :confused:

I was told it was my system but turns out it wasn’t…

good luck mate…


Good to hear Shadowfax, not much changed for me unfortunately from the last update.

I’ve put a support request in, lets see what happens…

The last update did nothing to help with my problem.

I started a thread on the particular problem I am experiencing -

Perhaps you may want to mention your issue to Fabio, who has been looking into this problem for me -

Did you have the same problem with Cubase 7.5 ?

Whoa dman2014, that’s quite an epic thread! I hope it gets resolved soon for you.

Do you know how to disable multicore processing in Kontakt AND Halion?

Yes I had a similar issue in C7.5 but know where near as big as now in C8. Put it this way, I finished a feature film in C7.5 and today I can barely play back a trailer I started yesterday in C8. The projects seem to play fine before I close them but double in Processing when re-opened.

I’ll hit up Fabio, thanks for the link dman2014. Have you tried support, do people find that any more helpful?

dman2014’s problem is a tough one. And not really common, I’m not sure at all you are experiencing the same, d mac. Rather the contrary.

In your Performance Monitor I see you have bridged plug-ins running - a couple bridged instances can do that to the performance. I would first of all get rid of the 32-bit plug-ins. If the situation improves, a little optimisation should do the rest.

Multi-processing options can be found in the Options section of HALion Sonic and Options -> Engine in Reaktor.

Kind regards,

In Halion, it’s on the options tab - see

In Kontakt, click on Options and then the Engine tab - see

I have a similar situation. 7.5 gives me much better performance than C8.

I have a film score in 7.5 but I simply cannot get very far into these type of projects before I hit a brickwall on performance with C8.

I’ve done stress tests on the PC, including the CPU, and there was nothing to indicate any CPU throttling etc.

I’m on the verge of moving to the new Sonar Platinum if I can’t get any joy soon. It’s much more stable than X3 and they’ve updated the user interface so it’s clearer and not as cluttered. I rely on VST instruments now and VSTs as I work mostly ITB, so I need a daw I can rely on. I’ll be really disappointed if I have to move from Cubase, but at the end of the day, I’ve already lost work because of this problem.

I waiting to hear back from Steinberg.

Hey Fabio, thanks for your response. The bridged plug-ins where only installed recently with Jbridge, though I will un install those and the 32-bit plugins and see how that goes, thanks. Disabling multicore processing didn’t do much unfortunately.

dman2014, I too have lost work dealing with this. I’m currently downloading C7 again and might just go back to that, perhaps this could be an option for you too.


please see that in Performance Monitor you have VSTBridgeApp.exe running - there are 32-bit plug-ins bridged internally. You can find out which one in the Plugin Manager, they show up with a (Win32) entry under ‘VST version’. Makes easier to just get rid of the x86 ones.

If you already tried different buffer sizes and ASIO Guard ON/OFF, I can send you some optimisation tips.

I would like to use some of the new features in 8. I’ve also got to know that I can rely on the daw in the future.

I have to admit that I’m also fairly disgruntled that I paid to upgrade to 8.

I can use 7.5 but it still can’t match Sonar on using VSTi’s - and it still leaves me with a problem.

Some projects I work on are collaborative and others using 8 (who are not having problems with performance) have had problems when we’ve transferred projects between one another. I’ve had to use 7.5 on these so we’ve been exchanging the project between C7.5 and C8 and back again.

Incidentally, one guy I work with has the same issue as me with Pro 8 and I found out yesterday that he’s got a higher spec PC than myself.

I cannot force them to use 7.5 and they don’t want these problems getting in the way. They are now looking at other options too, which might be bad news for me too.

Fabio has been very helpful, but I am still in this mess now and very unhappy with Steinberg.

What graphics card are using

Whilst many benefit from gains in Cubase Pro 8, I’m by no means alone in experiencing performance problems.

no reply from support for 6 months…man that’s outrageous…

Besides replying the next day he created that very thread he linked.

@d mac, you have PM.

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Thanks for the tips lads, I’m going to sink my teeth into all of these tomorrow so will post my results. Until then I’ve had to reinstall C7 to get me over a deadline tonight…woah that crazy large logo, and does it sound a little different…I don’t know?

I had a response from Support this morning after contacting them last night, I replied within the hour with further info so hopefully will hear back from them soon. Until then, it looks like you’ve been holding down the fort Fabio and working your butt off, thanks and I’ll get back to you asap.

Ok, adjusted Nvidia graphics card - thanks mitchiemasha.
I’ve eliminated all of my 32bit plugins and VST bridge.
Tried all of the buffer sizes and ASIO Guard ON/OFF etc.
I’ve gone through a long list of tweaks and system updates from Fabio and the Steinberg knowledge base - this has helped slightly with random drop outs and spikes.
I reinstalled windows on 2 x new SSD drives.
I added 6gig more RAM.

Thanks for your tips guys!

But still my larger projects are not playable. I just find this so bizarre seeing that they where fine when I created them…