Serious product complaint Cubase 6 LE OEM

Hi I have never used this product before and recently I purchased a Zoom H6 Handy recorder that comes with bundled software Cubase 6 LE.

Firstly, I bought this product only 1 week ago and the product has only been on the market for a couple of months and Im not sure why Cubase OEM 7 LE was not bundled but who am I to complain, I mean it is bundled software after all.

2ndly there was no activation code provided in the box or any other place and as such I am unable to register Cubase 6 LE that was bundled with the Zoom H6 Handy recorder (Serial number 2210)

Ok so maybe the software licence activation key got lost somewhere, things happen and now I have to spend money trying to recover the product key not from Steinberg but from one of Steinbergs partners in Australia despite the fact that I actually bought the Zoom product from Japan, who I suspect will tell me that I have to go back to Japan for support, unfortunately I don’t speak Japanese and yes you guessed it it’s going to cost me a fortune in telephone bills to try and retrieve my &^%^% product activation key. I am sympathetic to Steinberg and understand that licencing is important and you need to protect your product. (although not sure why OEM software isnt free anyway) Its not the full version anyway is it? I digress…

The product key yes… You can imagine that at this stage I am a little peeved at the prospect however, this is not my main gripe.

It took me several hours of trying to work out what the bloody problem was in the first place during the installation process and numerous redirects through the web to finally discover that I had not been supplied with an activation code in the first place. And no Steinberg nor Zoom will take any responsibility, in the end it will be me the unsatisfied consumer of your product that will be ultimately burdened with that responsibility just because I purchased your product.

First the elicenser did not install correctly, the software itself somehow created a rediculous loop in which I had to restart the computer in order to gain access to windows again, I then downloaded latest version of elcenser which seemed to fix the problem of the installation not working, then after the installation it I went through a registration and activation process via the web including creating a steinberg account under the understanding that I was actually activating my product. After being once again thwarted I managed to somehow navigate to a page that finally requested my activation code.

You can just picture me looking through all the Japanese manuals and documentation trying to decipher the Cubase activation code (at one point I actually learned how to count to ten in Japanese just so I could understand whether or or not I could decipher the code - ps Im not a hacker I am a dumb end user of our product and I dont speak Japanese)

So here I am a professional musician and first time user of your product and probably could have been a lifetime user.


Based on my first experience with Steinberg and Cubase , not likely. Actually I have probably wasted enough time on your product, I challenge you to win me back.

These codes usually come on an A5 paper with a big red triangle in the corner that says Don’t throw away!
If you didn’t get that, I think the retailer is who you should speak to as they didn’t sell you what you paid for. I can see how that’s difficult if you bought it abroad though.

Good luck with retrieving your code! The procedures for registration may be a bit convoluted, but the software is worth it in my opinion :wink:.

Usually, with soft eLicenser versions, you use the soft eLicenser number that is generated in the eLcc software on installation to activate the software. The activation code on paper only applies to USB eLicenser versions, AFAIK.

No activation code is generated with soft elicencer. It is what requires the activation code so that the product can be registered and licenced

That’ s not what I said - the soft eLicenser number is generated, which you need to obtain your activation code via MySteinberg.
If the soft eLicenser number is not created in the eLCC software, there is a knowledgebase article, and a thread on the forum somewhere…

No offence champ but been there done that got into another loop only to find myself once again here.

I get to a page that says add software and it asks for a soft elicense as you state but the eLCC software does not generate a soft elicense number for which I can enter into the site? You mention a knowledgeable article but alas I am unable to locate said article, could you point me in the right direction. I appreciate your assistance.


To copy a Soft-eLicenser number, open the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) which can be found in the “Program Files” (Windows) or “Applications” (Mac) folder. Select “Registration” from the top menu, choose the 20-digit Soft-eLicenser number and click on “Copy Serial Number”. Now paste the number into the corresponding field in MySteinberg.

There is no registration details in the eLCC registration drop down menu

Sorted Finally -

For anyone else here is the solution, Thanks for assistance