Serious Solo Bug (Turns track output into MONO)

I have a track with a mono input and stereo output with a hardware insert effect. When I solo the track the track output became mono. Then I unsolo and solo the track only then the output got stereo. Serious issue! Any fix in v8 or v8.5?


What Cubase version exactly do you have?

What do you mean, the track becomes mono? How do you realise this? Is the track mono or stereo before (you can find this by the “ring” icon? I would say, when you have a mono Input, the track IS mono.

Hi Martin,

This is on v7.5. I don’t know if this bug exists in 8.5.

The track input is mono but stereo out. If I put reverb on a mono mic, I would want to listen to it in stereo, right? :wink:

I realized mono vs. stereo with RME’s Vector Audio Scope. I can confirm that the signal from hardware return was stereo and the signal coming out from the track was mono.

After I unsolo’ed it went back to stereo. Again solo’ing it doesn’t replicate the problem (its still stereo). So it seems to be a corner case.


Yes, if you apply stereo Reverb on a mono mic, you want to hear a stereo. But the Return has to be stereo then. Is it?

Can you describe your connection, please? And can you clearly say, if the track is stereo or mono (not inputs/outputs), please?

No matter what you would want to - If in Cubase s track is mono (and that doesn´t have to do with its in- and output in the first place - as Martin had said already) if you insert a stereo FX into a mono track, it will come out mono - always.
If you hear something in stereo, then it is not from a Cubase mono track, so rather check your totalmix routing.

I’m trying to think of the setup I used - I think the track is a mono track with mono input, stereo out. It has an external hardware insert which has a stereo return. I didn’t use any sends for this track, from what I recall.

I remember clearly when I unsolo’ed the track the signal came out as stereo. Then when I solo’ed it it was still stereo.

Either route to a stereo group and insert effect there or place the mono audio on a stereo track or place reverb on a stereo fx channel and send to it.