Seriously Nasty New 5.53 Install Crash Issue

Having a really nasty problem with an install on a new machine at my new workplace with Nuendo 5.53 which is giving me serious trouble - really need to sort this out as I keep losing work.

I get an error message randomly relating to the elicenser (will make a note of what it says next time it happens). Then Nuendo immediately crashes. Then Nuendo will not load - if I try to load it again it sits in Task Manager using about 6mb of RAM and nothing happens. Eventually it may suddenly open, but I’m finding I’m having to restart Windows to get it back.

It also throws my iLok out when it does this and I have to reconnect it for it to work.

Going to try putting the iLok on a different USB buss to see if that makes a difference, but can anyone suggest anything? Is this a known issue?

Certainly not a known issue I’ve ever heard of. Sounds like there is some issue with your USB hub. If you are trying to kill the process in Task Manager you need to make sure you get Nuendo and SYNSOPOS.

Often it helps to install latest elicencer drivers as well as ilok. I once had an elicencer error while loading Nuendo on the mac (but no crash) - this was fixed by removing a file in the library which I was told to do by ED (Steinberg support)

I should update this - I solved the issue by having the elicenser and iLok on separate hubs.

I’m still getting regular BSODs though :frowning:

But then I have TWO iLoks so I suppose I’m doomed!

Multiple iLoks and eLicensers here without issue. If you are getting a BSOD that usually points to a hardware failure. You can use crash log analysis tools from Microsoft to try and pinpoint the exact cause of the BSOD but it certainly shouldn’t be happening.