Serpent segno

May I request to get an option to select the serpent segno symbol (Repeats - Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL)) in the appearance section of engraving options (including the correct placement in the system)? Or is that not feasible?

And how do I currently get this symbol in my music? I tried copy/pasting it from the above mentioned website into the “alternative text” field of the segno marker but it’ll only give me a crossed out box. Or will I have to use plain text and position it manually?

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You’ll have to use your own text item.

I’d be curious to know what you’re using it for – under what circumstances do you want to use this symbol rather than the regular segno?

This symbol is fairly common in German wind band music (think Polka bands etc.) and I have an old hand-written piece I’d like to recreate as closely as possible.

This symbol is usually also placed at the end where the jump back to the segno is happening (i. e. instead of saying “D.S.”).

So is it used both at the place indicating the jump and at the place indicating the destination of the jump? Is it positioned superimposed on the staff in both places?

Yeah, here is a reduced example of a part I’m working on. I don’t have any professionally typeset material right now but it’s similar.

I have also seen this sign in published scores.

Yes, it’s positioned superimposed on the staff at the start and the destination of the jump. I’ve seen it quite often in german marching band msuic that has to fit on a landscape DIN A5 sheet. In some cases the usual segno sign and the serpent segno sign are both used in one score that has more than one jump.

For some reference and inspiration, here is how Lilypond handles this:

Any news on this? Like Thomas, I find the “serpent segno” often in printed music (especially wind band music), when there are two jumps in a piece. One dal segno has a normal segno sign and the other one has a serpent sign through the barline(s). This is much more common than to have segno signs next to each other or a number next to the segno sign for the second jump. I hope, that Dorico will make this possibile in the future.

No, there’s no news on this.

I hope this is at least on the list for future implementation. The serpent signs are already included in Bravura.

I would also like this segno alternative - it makes the jump locations much more obvious. Here’s an example I found in Schott’s “Chick Corea for Solo Piano” from 2016:

The glyph exists in Bravura, so you should be able to modify an existing functional symbol, or create text, or a Playing Technique.

I’d also like to ask for an option in Engraving Options to display the Segno with the segnoSerpent1 glyph automatically.
In a big score this enhances the Segnos visibility.
May I also ask for a property to display the regular Segno glyph above the top staff and simultaneously beyond the bottom staff. This option might already exist, but I could not find it yet.

I agree with this feature request.
It would be very interesting.
Because I also write a lot in German.

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1+ for this feature request. Please don’t pay attension to the incorrect time signature in the old engraving of this waltz :slight_smile:


You can copy and paste the glyph from the SMuFL site into Properties to replace the standard Segno glyph:

Then scale and position as needed:

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Thank you for your help FredGUnn! Copypasted the Segno serpent both from SMuFL site and with PopChar to the Custom text box but when pressing Return the character disappears leaving only the red ‘attachment line’ visible. Any idea what I am doing wrong…?

Sorry, I have no idea. Copying and pasting from the SMuFL site works fine for me on D4.3 and Win11.

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OK. Thanks for your time! I keep searching… :slight_smile:

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