Serum. Cant find the effects as inserts

I want to use the effects from serum on an Audio track. But cant see the effects in the insert list as seen on the screenshot. Anybody else using this synth ? I should note I have installed the synth version of Serum. Not the FX version as I couldn’t find that.


Hi Thomas,
you need to install the FX variant of Serum. The synth can’t be used as an insert. Both the synth and the FX should be listed on the Download page of your Xfer account.

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Thanks for reply. How specifically do you find that page you screenshot.
This is what I see :

Oh and I should also note that I haven’t bought it yet. I want to try it out a few days first.

Clearly a question that is best directed to the maker of Serum. Could you please raise your question on their forum?

Ok, then that’s probably a limitation of the demo. My screenshot is from the download section of the paid version. Maybe you could ask the developer if he can send you a demo of the FX VST.

I just got answer from xfer. And yes, they do not offer the FX version on its own. They call it more like a bonus that you get when purchasing Serum. Also there is no demo of The FX version sadly.

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