Serum Delay off grid - DAW related bug

At my friend’s studio we have accidentally figured out that Serum’s delay doesn’t work correctly in Cubase Pro 10.0.3 Win 7 x64, Serum 1.271. Playback, render in place and export gives the same off grid result.

Here is picture of its delay timings at 2nd bar. It’s out of grid, but Cubase’s Mono Delay works just fine. We checked the same scenario in FL Studio and Serum’s Delay works fine there. Can be something wrong with Cubase? Technically it’s the same plugin in both cases.

Bug happens at all bit-rates and sample rates. But it have weird behavior, it doesn’t occur at first render after bit rate change.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Maybe it is audio driver issues (YSUSB_V198_Win)? He is using UR 22 mkII and not the latest drivers because of windows 7 signature issues.

Have you seen this with other Synths or just Serum. I noticed a timing issue in Cubase with Avenger and keilwerth had it fixed within a few days. it was to do with the 2ms of delay (look ahead) from the limiter… PDC. Things like this that we presume work and often go unnoticed bother me deeply, eager to learn of what the issue is. Thank you for bringing it up, my threads are usually ignored.