service update anytime soon?

I just switched to MAC Mountain Lion this week from being on Windows forever.
W8 64 bit ran solid for me on Windows 7, on the MAC however it’s useless, I have all these redraw issues (Slate FG-X for example) and UAD plugins actually freeze up the application…so right now it’s useless for me…sigh…

So any word on when there will be a service update since I have read lots of people are having plugin issues I would guess there is something in the works for the very near future (I hope)?

Around mid june there will be an update. On the Mac, I recommend using WaveLab 64 bit.


I did not get an option on which version 32/64 bit on the Mac, how can I install the 64 bit version? I was assuming that’s what I was running but it’s indeed the 32 bit version

Come to think of it I didn’t get an option for Nuendo 6 either but that is running in 64 bit mode
MAC is still a strange new world for me is there something special I need to do?

The download link I got was windows (which included the 64 bit version) and Mac which only installs the 32 bit version. I just checked again…no 64 bit option

Please help

I figured it out…so that problem is solved but of course no Slate FG-X…which is not your problem

Is it looking like this week or next week for the 8.0.2 update?

On the Mac, I just installed - you get both.

To run in 32 bit, go to the Applications folder in Finder, right-click on Wavelab, select Get Info. There’s a little check-box under the colour labels that says whether to run in 32 bit or not. Check it and it runs 32-bit