Services to Convert .ARR to MIDI?

Hi! Anyone willing to convert .ARR files to .MIDI for me? My setup will no longer allow me to fire up Cubase and handle the conversions. Thx!

Hi, i’m still able to run Pro 24 3.0 and Cubase 3.0.1 (I use an Atari St emulator), Cubase 3 can load Arr. Files and convert them to midifiles, if i can be of any help in case you don’t have 200 Arr files to convert, feel free to contact me in PM.

Awesome! Thanks Marty. My acct may be too new to PM, but I’ll ping you on your website. Thx

Hi Martyprod
Could you help me with som ARR and some ALL files ? I have them from 30 years back from an Atari ST 48 PRO 24 with a dongle. So I dont have any “real” license.
I have 28 files. I can pay you for your trouble.

Hope you have the time. But who hasn’t in these Corona times



Hi just wrote you a private message, write to me in private, yes i can help, yes i have the time (not related to corana, i’m a disabled hearing and hand person, living locked down since 26 years, not 2 lol).

Ok, well take it from there. Thanks