Session folder?

Is there any way to detect the session folder where a session is saved? We’ve had requests for certain data we generate to be put inside the session folder where possible. Apparently, Melodyne does this in Cubase, so we’re wondering how they managed that. I don’t see any VST3-related way to find out if and where such a folder exists. Is there a host-specific call that allows this?

Hey - not sure if this is exactly it, but I just saw something when investigating Arne’s answer to another question.

Check out IAttributeList and IStreamAttributes in ivstatrributes.h; there is a note in the comment block right above the class decl for IStreamAttributes:

“or used to get the full file path of the loaded preset (if available)”

Maybe that path is part of the solution for you - but it would need to be tied to a Preset in some way to be get-able.

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Yeah, Arne sent me that info as well, but it looks like you’re right that it requires some kind of preset involvement, not just loading a session, because when I simply load a session the path info does not exist.

Can you explain more what is your use case? what kind of information you want to save into project folder ?
we try to understand and make a proposal for a new interface…

Hi Yvan. Our software allows the user to modify the pitch and timing of the audio, but to do so, it is done in two passes. The first pass records the audio being worked on to an external file. Then, after making pitch and time adjustments in the graph of the audio data, those external files are used to read in the audio from the correct place in time, given the timing adjustments the user has made. (Since most hosts do not support random-access to the audio, this is the only option, other than keeping it in memory and hoping we don’t run into memory trouble.)

The problem comes when users want to take their sessions to another location to work on. They can easily forget to also copy those external files, and if they do, they won’t be able to work on the session at the other location without re-recording the audio data.

If we can write the files inside the session folder, then when they copy the session folder, they will automatically get our audio files as well, and won’t have to worry about forgetting them (or trying to remember the common folder we store them in currently).

Melodyne somehow manages to put the files in the session folder, usually, but if the session is renamed or moved or Save As is used to save it then it doesn’t look in the right place. If we could get the session location (when applicable) whenever the session is saved, we could copy those files into the session folder (if they’re not already there), and resolve the issues.