Session remembers TC position

In a Nuendo project the playhead TC position should be saved and (at least as an option) remembered at start up. Think about film peaple working in 90 min projects, having to set a marker evenings or scroll through the project in the morning…
We had 2 topics through the last 2 weeks asking for this…





I think this silly behaviour started already in 6 - I often work with multiple projects open with long timelines. Not only should the cursor position be saved with the project, when you switch between projects the cursor should be where you left it in that project - I keep scrolling and scrolling to get to where I was working last!

Yeah…it’s really annoying. Just how difficult can it be to save a session as we left it,.
Everything intact.

I use markers with descriptions to navigate back, but it is like leaving breadcrumbs behind to find a way home
So Please fix it


Additional to the cursor that doesn’t go to the last position when you switch back to a project, I’ve now discovered that it also doesn’t remember what state the ruler was in…today I opened a music project in which the ruler is Bars & Beats, opened 4 voice over project which were saved with the ruler showing seconds, and in all 4 projects the ruler became Bars & Beats also…VERY ANNOYING!! :imp: