Set a key command for "repeat last operation"

Assign an altered mouse-click (alt click, control click, shift click, control-shift-click, something) to this " SET A KEY COMMAND for this thing I just clicked" Whatever it is.

ok computer

You’ve been spending too much time looking at the Youtube sidebar. :smiley:

10 Reasons You Do Not Want To See THIS!

I think he’s suggesting that it’s a quicker way of creating macros without scrolling through lists to find the appropriate command, assuming you first know what category it’s in, and also assuming that Steinberg similarly named it to your interpretation of the function.

Key commands aren’t something that we need to do multiple times during a session.

Key commands are FOR things we do multiple times in a session. Different sessions use different repetitive things: so the instant ability to set (and unset) a key command would be priceless.

So a macro recorder ? you push a Q-macro icon and the following actions are remembered and can be recalled ?
That would actually be cool.

Indeed. A Repeat Last Command has been on my Annual Request list for 10 years.

I would like to have this, similar to the dot (.) in vim.